Top 5 Digital Trends To Keep Your Eye On In 2018

Since the shift from traditional to digital marketing, trends have been set by global leading companies. These trends are forever adapting and growing with the current technology which makes it hard for smaller companies and businesses to keep up with unless you have the help of a top-class marketing team or a digital agency.

52,625 GB of internet traffic is being consumed every second and this will continue to grow and flourish as more and more people gain access to the internet. When it comes to promoting and advertising businesses, digital space is incredibly important as exposure is at a maximum.

In comparison to print advertising and television marketing, online marketing is unavoidable and more commonly read by the public. Popular trends adapt and change all the time but the 5 most exciting new concepts include…


Live Videos.
Memes and social media videos are great ways to promote advertising campaigns as consumers readily share and tag others in them. This spread of exposure grows further as followers are given notifications whenever someone goes live on video, making it even easier for potential and existing customers to tune in and watch your campaign.


Social Media Influencer Marketing.
Although compared to other platforms SMM may seem expensive, it has an ROI of 11 times more than that of traditional marketing.  More and more people are buying products based on what they see on social media, and this is set to skyrocket in 2018.


Social Media Analytics.
Analytics have advanced, and this year you will get personalized content because of changing trends that will dominate in the coming years. Your PPC and SEO will be affected by this change too!


Virtual Assistance.
Chatbots are a trend to keep your eye on for certain. Experts reckon that by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be handled by bots. Many people are also unable to tell the difference between bot interaction and human interaction online. Any company can save time and money by opting for virtual assistance and adding live chats to your website.


Enhanced Graphics.
Images make such an impact on people digitally and customers retainment of information is greatly improved with the use of graphics on an advert. To keep up with the competition, make sure that your graphic designs are top of the range as 74% of marketers already utilise these in their social media marketing.


If you are interested in talking more about these modern marketing tools, do not hesitate to contact PIXAFUSION Digital Agency in Cardiff.

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