Tech 4 Pets!

In a recent study, on average 52% of British people said they would buy tech for their pets for connecting whilst they were at work. The survey from Laptops Direct also found that 37% of pet owners have already purchased smart technology like pet monitors to check in on their companion when left unoccupied whilst they are at work.

The study also found that 43% of us check our furry friends several times a day whilst out of the office! When questioned on the reasons why, pet owners said it was to stop their pets feeling lonely when left alone. Pet lovers said new technology allows them to interact and keep an eye on their pets when they are busy during a hectic working day.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at, said: “Given how quickly an integral part of day to day life technology and gadgets have become, it was only a matter of time before pets started getting in on the action too, especially during the hours that their owners are at work. Technology can never replace time spent with pets but it’s wonderful to see pet owners of Briton embracing technology to monitor and entertain their pets when they can’t be there in person. Pet technology has come a long way and now offers much more than chipping your four-legged friend in case they go missing.

“We have seen some really innovative pieces of technology enter the market which allows pet owners to interact when with their animals now, when left unoccupied during the working day including dog ball launchers, video pet monitors and pet feeders. As pets are part of the family, it’s no surprise Britons are happy to invest in technology to keep them happy if alone for long periods of time.”

London pet owners were found to invest the most (55%) in technology for their four-legged friends closely followed by Birmingham animal lovers (52%) who said they have purchased technology for their pets.

It’s interesting to see that the shift to digital is now even affecting things like pet care and maintenance!

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