STOP, PRESS! Social Media in the News…

Social Media has been influencing lots of stories this past week, check out some of our top news considering our favourite social media platforms below…


Martin Lewis to sue Facebook!

Martin Lewis posted on his website (The Money Saving Expert) on Monday 23rd April that he would be suing Facebook for defamation in a ground-breaking campaigning lawsuit. He wants to stop all the fake adverts with his name, picture, name and therefore reputation attached to them after thousands of people complained about being scammed.

He claims that this is not being done for personal gain, but for anti-scam charities helping all individuals who have been affected. Within the past year, Facebook has published over 50 fake ML adverts which are regularly seen by millions of people in the UK. Many are posted alongside a raft of false promises and endorsements, the most prevalent are get-rich-quick ‘Bitcoin’ themed.

Lewis said, “I’m not the only public face this has happened to, it’s time Facebook was made to take responsibility.”

Kanye West loses followers after tweeting spree!

Over the last week in April, Kanye has certainly been voicing his opinions over Twitter. Some described the outburst as an “ill-advised tweetstorm” in which Kanye praised and declared his ‘dragon energy’ brotherhood with President Trump.

Kanye continued to tweet about the conscious and subconscious mind, his parting of ways with his manager and bragging about his Yeezy apparel. Even wife, Kim Kardashian-West, seemed to be upset with the outbursts and took to Twitter to apologise on behalf of her husband.

Many celebrities have now unfollowed Kanye, but the president seemed to enjoy the rantings, replying “Thank you, Kanye. Very cool!”. At least this means that Twitter has been in the press constantly this week!

Snapchat to fix ‘awful’ update!

After THAT update, thousands of people left poor reviews on the app store for Snapchat. A PR disaster also occurred for the company when Kylie Jenner tweeted that she never uses the app anymore, influencing lots of followers to delete the app or leave negative reviews. Over 800,000 people signed a petition to change the redesign and now it looks as if Snapchat is listening to the public and reverting to some of the old features of the app.

Snapchat have said that they will divide the page into two sections, one for stories and one for chats so that it makes it easier to distinguish who has put up a snap story and who has messaged you.

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