Social Media Vs Online Shopping! What makes consumers happier?

A new study by martech company ‘ROKT’ has credited online shopping with making consumers happier than social media, with 71% of UK consumers claiming to be at their happiest when shopping online. The survey of over 4,000 consumers worldwide found that the majority are not only at their happiest when browsing virtual e-commerce websites, but are at their most “engaged, focused and open-minded”, presenting marketers with a prime opportunity to target customers in a buying mindset!

For the UK segment of the sample, online shopping seemingly gets the endorphins pumping as much as five times more than when on social media, which may not necessarily come as a surprise given the latter’s links to feelings of wasting time, anxiety and even depression which can be put down to unrealistic body representations and social isolation.

According to the study, the predominant feelings of happiness (62%), excitement (43%), and productivity (36%) linked with making a purchase online, mean consumers are at their most engaged and 28% less likely to be distracted by multi-screen and multi-tasking than when on social media platforms. Shopping has been proven in the past, in the journal of psychology and marketing, to improve sour moods.

Meanwhile, three times as many consumers were happier to see their transaction was confirmed (51%) than when researching products (17%), suggesting more satisfaction is generated the further a consumer is through the purchase journey, with the most happiness coming from actually checking out.

Furthermore, 28% were open to offers from the same retailer post-transaction and 26% expressed interest in further loyalty programmes and marketing campaigns, which is a good sign for marketing companies now GDPR is in full swing.

The findings of the study could have real implications on where marketing departments consider spending their budgets. A good E-commerce website can truly increase your profits and attract more buyers to your website, whilst increasing brand awareness.

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