SEO Fact Vs Fiction!

SEO can have a significant impact on your leads and therefore your ROI, this means it is an essential part of your marketing strategy. There are plenty of myths surrounding SEO on the internet, so we have decided to debunk the myths and clarify the fact from the fiction. We run daily campaigns, for example, SEO Cardiff; so we thought we would share with you the following:


  • Content is King

Content is probably THE most important aspect of any SEO strategy. Google crawls texts and determines the ranking of your site on the quality of content. The high-quality text also leads to lower bounce rates and more social media attention.

  • You don’t need high-end technical skills to do simple SEO

Technical SEO is an important element of an SEO strategy. However, if you’re using WordPress and a Yoast SEO plugin, your technical SEO is pretty much covered. The plugin is designed to take care of all the technical aspects of your SEO strategy.

  • Page titles are the most important on-page element after content

The biggest mistake most websites make is not having an effective page title. As the second most important on-page SEO element (after relevant content), it is essential to have a targeted page title. The page title is at the very top of your browser on the tab (screenshot is from the Chrome browser). It also is what shows up on Google when people search. So make sure yours is relevant!


  • Get as many links as possible

While backlinks are important for your SEO strategy, you should be selective in which kinds of backlinks you attract to your website. You shouldn’t buy links. You shouldn’t exchange links. You shouldn’t use any automated programs to get links. You shouldn’t do guest blogging with very thin and off-topic content. You shouldn’t have links that are unrelated to the topic of your website. You shouldn’t have links from sites that have no real content. If you choose to go overboard on link building, you’ll risk a penalty and lose your rankings in Google.

  • Keyword density should be sky high

Some people try to put as many keywords in their texts as possible hoping that Google will notice the number of keywords they’re using and therefore will rank the text highest in the search results. However, their text will become illegible. Invest in high-quality content, that’ll generate long-term stable traffic to your website.

  • A Focus on SEO Will Drive All Leads

Some believe that if they put their entire budget into SEO, they will generate all the leads they need. But unfortunately, SEO needs to be one element of an overall integrated marketing plan in order to get the best results.

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