PIXAFUSION Digital’s Top Hacks: Content Writing

Content writing can be a daunting task if you have little copy-writing experience or struggle with literacy. We have put together a list of simple tricks that anyone can do to help their marketing strategy and build their online digital presence, ensuring a sustainable ROI!

  1. In-Depth Content: Writing longer and more in-depth content enables you to provide more value to your audience, share a more detailed message or company story and also helps greatly when it comes to SEO and Google Analytics. If you are planning on writing blogs to generate leads for your company, writing some basic but lengthy content is a good start. PLEASE ensure however, that the words provide value to the website visitor.
  2. Webinars: One of the most effective lead generation and marketing tactics available is the use of webinar links. Webinars are chatrooms with clients that explain who you are, what you do, key services and top tips for clients. Push these via your articles, emails and videos and you will certainly see an increase in lead generation.
  3. Quotes: To make sure your content is also helping your social media following, make sure you include short, snappy and tweetable quotes within your content. This will help increase leads though social media and build up your following at the same time!
  4. Share: Make sure you get your content the best exposure by posting links on emails, social media and websites. This will radically increase your odds of generating hype for your brand!
  5. Write for Lazy People: People tend to skim read to ensure minimum effort but standard information retention. Skip any unnecessary words and concentrate on the key words that will help your SEO campaign. Avoid needless repetition however, as this can be picked up by Google as spam and push you further down Google on the organic SEO list.
  6. Read: Make sure you use the web to research key information in your industry, even if you repost a press release or a blog which can give your clients a valuable insight. The web is filled with information so utilise the material given to you to help develop your own content.

If you are still worried about your content, get in touch with us for more information.


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