Why LinkedIn will benefit you and your business…

LinkedIn is a fairly new social media platform. A professional site that can let you network in an informal way, LinkedIn has surpassed Facebook as the number 1 most important platform for B2B marketeers! LinkedIn can truly be a gamechanger when marketing your products, services or even yourself if you are looking for a new job role.

Acting as an online CV, as well as a way to increase brand awareness of your business, LinkedIn is an integral part of modern business strategy and should be utilised by everyone. The platform is the third most used social platform among business owners, yet this is believed to increase as the app gets bigger over the next few years. 62% of business owners reported that they use the platform and the use of LinkedIn as a business tool definitely doesn’t look to be slowing up!

In regards to product launches, statistics suggest that LinkedIn may be the most effective platform for product launches. Because there is a section for posting and publishing your own articles and blogs on the site, LinkedIn is now the most used platform for product launches among B2B businesses. It has certainly had an enormous impact on the way that media, bloggers and consumers distribute news.

If you are looking to recruit new talent in your business, this is the best platform and can help you! Usually, job boards and career websites have had dominance over the market over the last couple of years, but now LinkedIn is among the top channels for finding qualified job applicants. It is useful when profiling a candidate that you can easily scroll through experience as well as use the instant messaging tool to get in contact straight away. According to their own research, the platform has seen a 73% increase in job recruitment usage compared to a 16% decrease in staffing agencies!

Lead generation is also a big reason for using the platform. 2012 research by Hubspot found that LinkedIn referral traffic has the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate among social media sites! Higher than Facebook or Twitter. Although this was done 6 years ago, there is no doubt that this platform has continued to grow revenue for its users and is flourishing in the B2B industry.

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