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Everybody knows that content is king, or rather great content is king, but simply pumping out content, regardless of how great it may be, is not going to mean too much if you don’t have trust and influence. For instance, you may have a life changing product but if you are selling it from a cardboard box on a street corner, you are not going to get very far.

Take that same product and have a high street store sell it for you and watch those sales start to rack up! Content marketing is pretty much the same thing because no matter what your content, product or service actually is, there are hundreds if not thousands of others doing the same thing as you.

How do you get your voice heard above all of the others, how do you ensure that your target audience pays attention to you? Awesome content is one thing, awesome content delivered by somebody that is already known and trusted is quite another. What you need are influencers.

Leverage the power of the influencer

There are several ways of bringing influencers into your marketing strategy, with customer word of mouth being just one of them – although you will first need the customers for that one to work! There are any number of influencers out there and finding them isn’t too hard, you just need to know how.

Reach out to influencers in your niche

Bloggers and so-called ‘YouTubers’ can attract huge audiences and the most successful are not shy when it comes to flexing their influential muscle. Finding somebody that actively blogs or creates videos in your niche should be a priority if you are going down the influencer path.

It shouldn’t be difficult finding them and it’s even easier with YouTube as subscriber and viewing figures are right there for you to see. Once you have found an influencer, or several, reach out to them. Sell them on your product and offer an incentive – they will get a lot of requests, so be prepared to offer something more than a ‘thank you’.

Redirect your influencer’s audience

It isn’t much good, your influencer waxing lyrical about your product or service if there is no active call to action (CTA). Your product will be getting serious air time, but where are the sales? Work with your influencer to help inform their visitors where they can get their hands on your gear themselves.

You can have them embed a product link in the video for example, and in the description, as well as have them actually mention your website name. In the case of bloggers, it’s even easier as inserted images can link back to your website too. Every redirected visitor is a potential customer, ready to be converted.

Influencers can have an enormous impact on your bottom line precisely because people already know and trust them – this is what makes them so influential and such a potential boon to your marketing and ultimately sales.

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