Crowd Marketing for Your SEO

Natural references in new discussions on Western forums and European communities. A nice discount for the first five links!

Large database of sites on the market

We have been working with the project verification prefix in Ukraine, Europe, USA for many years. We have an extensive database of sites, which is regularly updated and contains all the important SEO indicators: traffic, domain rating, indexing, etc.

Strict moderation

All comments and links are placed only in “live” and relevant topics and discussions for your site. The selected sites correspond to the ТТ in terms of quality. We use exclusively upgraded accounts

Flexibility and speed

Our team can complete any client task, regardless of complexity and volume. We can make 200 links per day, or post 100 posts daily for a month, and all this without loss of quality and in accordance with the requirements specification

Possibility of quick replacement

If, for some reason, the link did not fit or the content of the comment did not suit you, we will redo everything for free. We also guarantee our links for up to 30 days from publication!

About Crowd Marketing Services by Pixafusion

The link is in place

Crowd linking is communication with a target audience on an appropriate forum or blog. Naturally, unobtrusively, arousing the reader's interest in products and the brand. As a result, there is traffic to the site, and the business receives such desirable leads. Crowd links help to occupy higher positions, form a list of anchors, and make the link profile natural. We work on proven resources according to our methodology: links remain, and the result accumulates.

Reputation is formed gradually

In order for the audience to receive the necessary message, you need to work hard. We carefully promote the idea of ​​the product's advantage, work with the negative, and attract new customers to interact with the brand. Everything should be natural.

In a fresh topic more interesting

We are placed in live, relevant and clean branches. We create topics on our own and develop a discussion on some accounts; in the communication process, we insert a post with a link. We always find relevant topic acceptors on the forums.

Services and Pricing

If you do not want to waste your time and choose a list of donor domains, we ordered it for you. We offer a link pack for guest posts categorized by DR, DA or organic traffic.


$4 per link


  • Detailed Report
  • Speed ​​up Indexing
  • Removal Guarantee


$3.5 per link


  • Detailed Report
  • Speed ​​up Indexing
  • Removal Guarantee


$3 per link


  • Detailed Report
  • Speed ​​up Indexing
  • Removal Guarantee

The process of our blogger outreach


Leave a request on the site

Our manager will get in touch in any way convenient for you, consult and give an example of a technical task (ТТ).


Fill out a brief or PRD

Specify your requirements and wishes, which our link builders comply with 100%. If you have any difficulties filling it out, our managers will consult for free.


Coordinate test work and wait for the result

After receiving the ТТ, our employees will make 5 test links and send them to you for approval so that you can make sure that the work corresponds to the task. This is done once per project.


Get ready-made links in a convenient format

At the end of the deadline, we will send you a report in Google Spreadsheets, which will contain the results of the work with all the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Luckily you are in the right spot to learn more about our crowd marketing services. Ask away and we will give you a response.

Our authors adhere to the following principles:

  • Understand the topic.
  • Carefully evaluate the resource for publication and the level of moderation.
  • Fill out the profile correctly.
  • Maintain live communication and fully answer questions while promoting links as naturally as possible.

Detailed, practical, and useful comments, especially with photos/videos, are liked by users the most.

This is a guarantee of trust and organic entry into the desired conversation.

Manual and deliberate crowd marketing is entirely safe. We comment on new and relevant topics without spam and the necessary dynamics.

Approximately 50%/50%. At the request of the client, the ratio can be changed.