Choosing the right time to send that email

It’s important that you choose the right time to send that email, especially if the target does not live in your timezone because it is too easy to forget that your lunchtime could well be their bedtime! Picking the wrong time to send that email could have a big impact on your ‘open’ rates and, ultimately, potential sales.

Simply put, the best way to zero in on the perfect time for your list is to simply perform A/B testing in order to find it. That said, this can take quite some time and possibly cost lost potential revenue. Thankfully, there is no need to start completely from scratch, not when there is already a ton of research data out there.

Save the date

It isn’t just the time that needs to be right, but also the day too. According to a study conducted by MailChimp, the best day to fire off that email to your list is Thursday. There is little to separate the days, however, and so as long as you choose a weekday, you should be ok. Weekends are the worst performers, with only around 9% of emails being opened on a Saturday or Sunday.

Studies have been conducted by others too, naturally, to determine when the best performance days were so that they could concentrate their efforts. Experian, for example, have found that Mondays saw the most emails opened and money changing hands. While they also saw weekends as slow opening days, Sunday performed slightly better than Saturday.

Set your alarm

With a, hopefully, better understanding of picking the right day to send that email blast, what time of day should you be looking at? While you are considering this, keep in mind the point made earlier about timezones, if you target demographic is split into different zones you may want to consider creating separate campaigns.

Heading back to Mailchimp, we can see that bay far the optimal time of day is 10:00. A study conducted by HubSpot largely agrees with the MailChimp findings, except that in their results they found that 11:00 am is where the email opening rates tended to peak, rather than 10:00.

For Experian’s part, they discovered that 33% of transactions were made during 4 and 8am. With those slightly odd numbers in hand, they decided that more testing was called for. Still, 8am is not a million miles away from the findings of MailChimp and Experian but a gap of 3 hours is not too much use for deciding when you should start your own campaign.

So, when should you send that email?

There is some solid data, that we have sieved through for you, to give you half an idea of what day and time but in the end it comes down to just one thing: how well you know your audience.

If there is one thing that these slightly conflicting data sets show, it is that each clearly has different audience types and this has clearly affected their email open days / times. Consensus shows, however, that sending your emails between 8-10am on Thursday is probably going to bring you some positive results.

Ultimately though you will need to perform your own testing in order to fine tune this approach and gear it for your own particular audience.

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