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The idea of buying backlinks will undoubtedly come up as you develop your SEO plan. There are many individuals discussing this idea. And there is a lot of misunderstanding and inaccurate information concerning this idea. You’ll hear that it’s a terrible concept that will damage your brand on one side. On the other hand, it’s a fantastic notion that you should only concentrate on. What precisely does link building do for the authority and reputation of your website? Let’s investigate!

There is good news—a happy medium. Link purchases can be made carefully while keeping your overall business goals in mind. After all, establishing your brand and making money are the ultimate goals.

Google encourages you to establish links in a “natural” way. It frequently verifies the caliber of the links you receive to prevent companies from purchasing low-quality links in bulk. The truth is that everyone occasionally buys links; it’s essential for marketing your company.

How do you keep from offending Google? How can you continue to oversee the spread of your business while doing so? That’s a hard one, to be sure. There are ways to address that, though, and you’ll need a steady hand for it. Additionally, choosing between bought and natural links is important for the development of your website. Let’s first examine the differences between these two link-building strategies.

Why Do Buying Backlinks Matter So Much?

You will benefit whether you pay for backlinks or they come to you naturally. Additionally, the value of backlinks will undoubtedly be reflected in your website’s overall SEO. Although buying backlinks is still debatable, organizations with experience and knowledge know how to use them to their advantage.

Google encourages you to establish links in a “natural” way. It frequently verifies the caliber of the links you receive to prevent companies from purchasing low-quality links in bulk. The truth is that everyone occasionally buys links; it’s essential for marketing your company.

You must, however, avoid being discovered by Google. So, how will you oversee outreach for your business? That’s a hard question, and that’s where specialists like PixaFusion can help. And the final section of this piece will discuss how quickly they obtain backlinks. To learn more about this, continue reading.

What precisely is a backlink purchase?

Buying backlinks is the practice of paying another website for a link to your website on theirs. We could characterize it as a give-and-take procedure. They accept payment from you in exchange for a referral link. Of course, your goal when investing in a link is to raise your website’s SERP ranking (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Through backlinks, the authority of one website might tangentially improve your website’s ranking. What fun that would be! Is it not?

Is that the rationale behind backlink purchases? Absolutely!

One of the most popular search engines, Google, regularly updates its algorithms, and backlinks continue to have a substantial impact on search results.

However, because Google is prepared to penalize anyone who buys backlinks through unethical means, it becomes more challenging to make this decision. Specifically to individuals who engage in unethical SEO techniques.

Google’s Position on Purchasing Links

It is assumed that Google disapproves of the buy backlinks. But is it actually this way? It’s not like that, though. Google does not oppose the buy backlinks, but it does oppose doing it in an unethical manner.

“Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines,” states Google Link Schemes. This includes any actions that affect links leading to or leaving your website.

What Sets Paid Link Building Apart from Natural Link Building?

The main categories of link building are two. Even while it sounds easy, the procedures might be challenging. Let’s examine the distinctions below so you can approach link building with knowledge.

Natural Link Building

When businesses contribute links to your website without conducting any investigation, that is natural link building. Take writing an article about travel agents as an illustration. Given that they are familiar with Travelocity, they might include a link to it in their piece. This is organic link building.

Google encourages you to establish links in a manner similar to this. Your name will be known when you produce valuable material. People are then more likely to naturally link to your company.

What is wrong with natural link building, then? Generally speaking, if you are not already well-established, natural link building is unusual. To increase your visibility when you are first expanding your firm, you might need to make an investment in paid link building.

Paid Link Building

On the other hand, paid link building is when you pay a business to include your link in their material. Others will create content for you as a blogger. On the other hand, many businesses create their own content with a link and then pay a blogger to publish it.

Google discourages businesses from doing purchased link development, isn’t that right? Yes and no, I suppose. Although technically against Google’s Terms of Service, the fact is that Google dislikes when the SEO algorithm is manipulated. So what is a creative solution?

Superior content. If you provide high-quality content, Google can’t detect the difference between a purchased and a natural link.

In some cases, links are bought and sold. This strategy may be helpful and important if your company is just getting off the ground in order to appear on other reliable websites’ radar screens. Even a small number of links can help your SEO position.

Why Would You Think About Purchasing Backlinks?

Backlink purchases are common among businesses, and for a good reason. The apparent benefits of buying backlinks over natural link building include time savings and increased opportunity. The following is a summary of some additional advantages that buying backlinks might offer you. These motivating factors have undoubtedly made the procedure more alluring.


In the uncertain and time-consuming online market, starting from scratch is difficult. As a result, buying backlinks is a popular business practice.

Many business owners are impatient for it to happen spontaneously because link development is simply one component of developing a great online presence. You can gain an advantage over other business owners who are simply waiting for organic link building to occur by buying backlinks.

Developing links takes time as well. It could take time and effort away from activities like creating original content, improving your offerings, or enhancing your social media presence. So, yeah! Paid links can help you save a ton of time.

Integrated Audience

Investing in backlinks on a popular website gives you access to an already-existing audience. As a result, more people are seeing your content and clicking through to learn more.

In addition, Google will reward you with a higher ranking. It directly benefits your company. You could gain access to some of that site’s audience if your links appear on the correct websites.

Pool of Options

Links can be purchased in more ways than ever before. You can select the right choice based on your financial requirements, the size of your business, and your target market.

It’s not necessary to buy backlinks from a dubious, phony blog. It involves paying a blogger to produce high-quality content that promotes your website more effectively.

Dos and Don’ts when Purchasing Backlinks

Watch out for these guidelines while buying backlinks. They can assist you in avoiding problems and maximizing the use of your purchased links.


  • Buy backlinks from reputable and pertinent websites
  • Make direct contact with content producers
  • Make sure all of your material is excellent and pertinent.
  • Promote artists whose audiences are similar to yours


  • Put numbers before quality.
  • Post questions about backlinks in the comments.
  • Do not rely just on a company’s reputation for quality
  • Use backlinks as your sole outreach strategy.

How Much Does Link Building Cost?

Without the service of link building, no digital campaign can succeed. But it would take some work to determine a good value for money in link construction. So, in terms of the cost of link building services, what do you think is fair? Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple solution to this problem. Therefore, you need to be aware of some elements that substantially affect the price at which link building should be done.

What does a typical link building pricing scale look like?

Surprisingly, depending on the quality and quantity you require, you can anticipate a wide variety of link building costs, from $100 to $20,000 each month. You would undoubtedly be confused by the range. But establishing a pricing point per link is the most effective way to calculate the long-term expenses of link building.

Acquiring knowledge of the DR and DA dependent pricing model

While the cost per link is one model you can evaluate, you might find that many vendors and organizations base their prices on DR (domain rating) or DA (domain authority). This system isn’t perfect because the scores are based on external measurements that don’t accurately reflect the genuine value of a website. Nevertheless, in addition to other indicators like organic traffic, these scores are frequently used as a benchmark system to assess a website’s quality.

Depending on the quality of the links, the cost of link development under this scheme could range from $80 to $600 or more.

Examples of Link Costs

As a link building company that charges clients for this service, I believe it makes useful to highlight several case studies to demonstrate how reasonable and typical costs for link building can be approximated.

  1. To find out how much bloggers and website owners were charging to put links for customers, Ahrefs contacted close to 700 websites. They determined the average cost of a backlink from a site to be $361.44 using those figures.
  2. The average long-term cost per link, according to Siege Media, a top provider of content marketing services, should be around $500.

Pricing differences between in-house and outside agencies

A sincere effort to create links with an internal professional is a full-time job. The process will take a long time because it requires a lot of work, including creating prospect lists, contacting them with focused outreach, and nurturing every opportunity that arises.

In-house link building

When it comes to internal expenditures, engaging a seasoned SEO expert in a big US or UK city would run you roughly $4,000 per month, or about $50,000 per year. Additionally, you will require a manager to oversee the link building specialists at all times.

You can also include the monthly cost of bought links and the cost of creating content for link building through guest posting. Additionally, you will want some necessary applications, such as Pitchbox for outreach and Ahrefs for other link-building duties. Therefore, it is easy to imagine how much it might add up to.

On the other hand, internal link building has some advantages as well. One benefit is having total control over your own outreach team. Furthermore, it is simple to integrate your content endeavor with outreach and link-building initiatives.

Although time is undoubtedly an issue, if you’re serious, you can handle it fairly well.

Large organizations with sizable content teams are effectively managing it. They have developed a staff that works flawlessly together and have mastered the content and link-building combination to generate worthwhile traffic.

Building of agency links

It all comes down to who you select for the job when it comes to agency expenses.

We’ve already discussed the cost structures and range for link building, so we’ll concentrate on choosing the agency to work with.

Top-tier content marketing or outbound marketing organizations, especially those situated in big cities like New York, may charge anything from $5,000 and $20,000 per campaign for an end-to-end service. The average cost per link, when calculated, will fall between $500 and $1500.

On the other hand, you can get in touch with link building experts like us, who charge much less. Additionally, a rise in link volume can result in significant price disparities.

You might not receive much analysis or information on your website from some agencies. They offer guest posts for a set fee while operating on a price-per-link basis. A fast Google search for “guest post service” will reveal the top competitors in this market.

How Much Does PixaFusion’s Link Building Cost?

We can start with our own price immediately because we are clear on what we charge exactly and how we go about doing it. You need not fear, though, as we will also discuss averages; simply continue reading.

In order to properly meet the needs and expectations of both our direct clients and white label clients, we provide two pricing structures.

Price-Per-Link Services for Link Building

View our à la carte services, which are frequently suitable for resellers. Four link-building strategies are among them:

Guest Posting: $59 to $79 per link
Blogger Outreach: $59 to $ 79 per link
Authority Links: $249 to $ 349 per link
Crowd Marketing: $3 to $ 4 per link
Let’s now get into more detail about these!

Posting as a Guest and Blogger Outreach

Guest posting and blogger outreach are similar in many ways. We offer both since we are aware of how people look for them (in terms of search keywords).

For blogger outreach and guest posting, we charge between $59 and $419 per link.

By purchasing 30 or more links in a single order, you may be eligible for price breaks.

DA range-based pricing

Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach

Authority Links

We exclusively employ high-quality backlinks since we are confident that they will help your page or website rank. You can rely on us to provide links from just the most pertinent sites in your field, thanks to the hundreds of relationships we have with authority site owners.

Authority Links


Everyone is aware of how crucial link building is to SEO. However, it is a significant investment for any firm and may be rather expensive.

Therefore, it is crucial to develop an action plan before moving forward with purchased link building. This plan may include selecting the pages and keywords you want to target, establishing a prioritized list, and studying the competition. Recall that not all backlinks are created equal. Always be sure the backlinks you buy will help your website. After all, isn’t it the reason you’re purchasing them?

Even if Google frequently disapproves of the practice, a settlement can be reached. Everyone benefits as long as link purchases aren’t made with the intention of gaming the Google algorithm.

Therefore, it is safe to claim that buying backlinks is definitely advantageous if you follow a careful link selection procedure and set of standards. Intelligent link building makes it impossible to tell the difference between a sponsored and a natural link.

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