What Is The Big Deal About Social Media?

Here at PIXAFUSION Digital, we know social media is a big deal when it comes to digitally marketing your brand. As the most established platform for marketing brands online, with millions of people accessing them every day, social media has rapidly been growing in popularity among businesses wanting to promote their services both locally and globally.

The world of social media is changing and regenerating every second, and this can sometimes be hard for companies to keep up with. In the next few months there will be some changes which may affect the way you market your brand on social media and we are here to help you adapt!


The news feed is about to change on Facebook due to the rise of ‘fake news’. This has prompted the social media giant to overhaul how content is displayed on the website. Going back to its social roots, it will show more posts from friends and family rather than publishers, businesses and celebrities. Businesses that focus heavily on Facebook advertising will need to look closely to see how they can utilise the shift and PIXAFUSION can help you to shift your advertising posts to engaging comments and debate rather than focusing on page likes.


Twitter is launching a feature which allows brands to participate in in-stream sponsorships, meaning advertisers can sponsor moments from premium content partners. This will mean that your business can engage with your audience more efficiently and expand your reach beyond your current followers.


Ever-growing popularity has made this app soar when it comes to business marketing. Instagram is now to follow Twitter and Facebook when it comes to scheduling posts for when they want to go live. This means your digital marketing agencies will be able to do for IG posts what they have been doing for other social media platforms for years.


Controversial but true, Snapchat has now made their ‘snap map’ available to any user, rather than just people with profiles set up. The good news for marketers is that they can focus on the high-intensity areas where lots of posting activity is going on. As a result, they can join in the conversation quickly, making advertising much easier. The recent update has been under scrutiny for separating ‘friend’ content and ‘celebrity and brand’ content which clearly shows the want and need for brands and advertising on social media.


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