Authority Link Building Service

We only use high-quality backlinks, and we know they are the best to rank your page or site. You can trust that our thousands of relationships with authority site owners will provide you links from only the most relevant ones in your industry

Sites with 1,000-10,000+ organic visits per month
Copywriters from US, UK and Canada
We have strict manual quality control
Pay only after posted links
Basic Info about Authority Backlinks

Here's what you need to know first:

We have a strict control over the quality of website to avoid future issues with our customers. That’s why any domain has gone through several stages of vetting first:


We offer quality, niche-specific links on your behalf, without compromising your overall marketing strategy.

We find Authority BackLinks by searching for in-content links from established, niche and relevant websites.

  1. You provide your sites URLs, anchor text, and niche
  2. Our SEOs will provide you with opportunities to approve or veto the opportunity.
  3. We create the content, place it on your page and review any links you choose.


Attention to detail is what we do best.

Our Authority Links Service can help you reach higher quality link prospects than other brands. They’re more relevant and our services are tailored so that your site will receive high-quality links. This means a better chance of getting traffic and referral rates to your site and even better ranking over time.

Good things take time. Because these sites have stricter publishing guidelines, turnaround takes a little longer and exact match anchors may not be possible. Not sure we can find links that fit your niche? Contact us.


Checking Content Manually.

You can expect:

  • Reach next-level quality control with our SEO
  • Content from U.S. and Canadian writers
  • Real time reporting
  • Guaranteed placement

High-quality Authority Links within your site from authoritative and popular websites

Allow us to take your quality standards a level up. We only work with the best sites from search engine indexes after making sure they are of the highest quality for our clients. Our marketing team thoroughly review each site to make sure that it is genuine, has high traffic and works towards the same goal. Furthermore, manual reviews of each site enable us to spot the negatives such as poor content quality, spam links in posts, etc. All these things should be avoided when trying to create something. This helps you get better results.

authority link building services
authority link building services

High-Quality Content and Relevant Topic

We build Authority Links for your site – focusing on niche and topic relevance. This means that our experts can find sites relevant to your blog which will help you rank higher in some of the more popular SERPs. Our in-house team of experienced copywriters craft content that is relevant for your website, aligns with the anchor text you want to share and fits in with the topic of your site. This is all done in tandem with our publishing team who are experts in their field. This is the simplest way to get better links, which will in turn result in more success when it comes to publishing new content.

Services and Pricing

If you do not want to waste your time and choose a list of donor domains, we ordered it for you. We offer a link pack for guest posts categorized by DR, DA or organic traffic.


Per Placement


  • DR 50+
  • Organic Traffic 10K - 20K
  • Relevant Niche


Per Placement


  • DR 60+
  • Organic Traffic 20K - 40K
  • Relevant Niche


Per Placement


  • DR 70+
  • Organic Traffic 40K+
  • Relevant Niche

The process of ordering Authority Backlinks


Place Your Order

You can get started by choosing a plan for links, inputting your requirements, and specifying the URL and anchor text you want. We'll review the order carefully and get started on it as soon as possible.


Selecting placements

We have compiled a list of relevant sites for you to review. Scour them and approve them if you like what we've found, or we can provide some alternatives. When you tell us which articles you want to use, we'll get our writers onto the job and they'll work on the texts for you.


Posting and reporting

We typically take about 4 weeks or so to complete this process. Once your link is live, we go through a hand-check verification before displaying it on your report. Once it passes all of our verification checks, you will be notified and the update will be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Luckily you are in the right spot to learn more about our guest blogging strategy. Ask away and we will give you a response.

What is Authority Backlink? Simply put, it’s in-content backlinks from relevant websites with good organic traffic. Google trusts sites that have a lot of organic traffic because their links are proven to be one of the factors used in ranking these sites.

Domain Authority is a useful metric for tracking how high up on search engine your site is. It also shows you how credible your site seems when it comes to dealing with major search engines, and allows you to see what sites can be considered competition.

You can make a suggestion for an anchor text when placing the order and our team will do its best to include it in the content. However, it ultimately depends on acceptance by the site owners. They would want a natural fit of the URL into their content.

If you want an exact anchor match, we can supply this as a partial match anchor to suit the contextual content. For example, if you want a raw url as your anchor text, we may have to mix this with branded keyword phrases for best results.

These differ mainly in terms of quality and types of sites. Authority Linkers tend to focus on more established, trending and higher traffic sites that are in your niche. Conversely, guest post services usually target newer sites with less content but a targeted audience.

The downside of Authority site links are that they are tightly themed to the industry. However, the Guest Post approach is less expensive and has a wide variety of domains linking back to you. It’s up to you whether you want a few, high-quality authority links or many different guest posts.