Why You Should Attend Networking Events!

At PIXAFUSION Digital, we know that creating relationships with our clients is the best way to retain a valuable ROI. Although Digital Marketing is essential to generate new and to maintain relationships, it is important to also get involved when it comes to face to face relations too. The best way to do this is to attend events!

By attending a local networking event, you will meet plenty of business people who may need your skills or products desperately! Even if they are not openly in need of your services, by building a rapport in the area, you will be approached more and will get more recommendations from surrounding companies through word of mouth.

There are plenty of companies that offer events focused on a wide range of topics and atmospheres. PIXAFUSION Digital’s head office is in Cardiff, so we regularly utilise Introbiz who organise tonnes of interesting events from ladies lunches to breakfast networking sessions! Choosing the right company is important because you need to make sure your investment in the event is worth it and you will be meeting the right types of people to market your services to.

Make sure you are prepared for marketing events by taking a selection of business cards so you can keep in contact with anyone you find particularly interesting or a potential new client. Ensure your business cards correctly depict the core values of your company, a professional business card really will make a good first impression.
At some events, you will need to do a quick talk or presentation about you and your company, so make sure that you come prepared with some facts, statistics or testimonials to back yourself up and really practice how you want to portray your brand. If you come across as friendly, personable and chatty, as well as professional and established you will inevitably connect with more people.

As Tracey Smolinski (Introbiz) always says “The fortune is in the follow-up!” which is really important to bear in mind. Make sure that after any event that you attend, you follow up and connect with potential clients and business partners. It really is not what you know, but who you know!

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