Why Request an Audit

Digital audits are essential for any sized business that needs to know that their website is perfoming as well as it possibly can. Requesting our totally free audit gains you access to the insights that you need to improve your digital presence – this includes your social presence also, not just your website performance.

What does an improved presence in social channels and search engines mean? More qualified leads, higher conversion rates and increase in sales. The bottom line is, if you need to improve your ROI for the effort you are already putting in to your digital marketing, you need to improve the way your website performs, the way content is presented and the way you use social media channels.


A website speed test to see how quickly your site loads, if key site features are present and if anything needs fixing.

An overall review of your social media presence and our recommendations on how to reach your social objectives.

Usability and mobile readiness review which is essential to ensuring a good user experience on your site, across multiple devices.

Website Security analysis, how secure is your website? Security is important to ensure your site doesn’t get compromised and experience data loss or downtime.

SEO health check. Search Engine Optimisation is important to ensure you are driving relevant traffic to your site via search engines. Having natural relevant backlinks, correct page structure and quality site content is required to ensure optimum performance.

A 15 minute consultation with one of our digital marketing experts. We’ll be happy to chat about the tips and advice offered in the audit and answer any questions you have.




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